Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Prayer for Rush Limbaugh

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the life of my brother, Rush Limbaugh. You gave him life out of your deep and abiding love for him as your precious child. I acknowledge that he is as precious in your eyes as I am. Moreover, I recognize that he and I are both as precious as any other child of yours who has ever walked this planet. Thank you for not playing favorites and loving all your children despite our many imperfections. I know you are the loving, overjoyed father of whom Jesus spoke in Luke 15:20. Thank you for your unceasing love and faithfulness.

Heavenly father, I get really concerned about the types of things that I hear Mr. Limbaugh speak publicly. What is expressed seems to come from an uncharitable, selfish attitude, and not an attitude of love for others. I try to not judge that attitude, but I fear for the destructiveness of such spoken words because they seem to find such an enthusiastic audience. But I know that everything is in your hands, and I must trust in your ways. I ask you to increase my faith to keep me from worrying over such things.

I also humbly acknowledge that I myself often exemplify an uncharitable, selfish attitude. I know I should not worry about the splinter in Mr. Limbaugh’s eyes when I have a beam in my own. I ask your continued guidance in helping me to remove the beam from my eye and to cultivate a more loving heart in me. Let me be clay that is easily molded by your hands.

Finally, Lord, I lift up my brother, Mr. Limbaugh to you. I know he is a troubled human being who has struggled with many challenges in life. I thank you for helping him lose weight. I thank you for medical technology that helps him overcome his deafness. I thank you that you have brought love to his life with his recent marriage.

Heavenly father, I ask you to watch over my brother, Mr. Limbaugh. I ask you to help him lead a healthy life and continue to lose weight so that he can live a productive life on this planet for many years to come. I ask you to bless his marriage. May it be a long and happy union. Lord, I also ask you to bless Mr. Limbaugh’s radio program. May it be an instrument of love and understanding so that more of your children will come to know you.


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